2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

12 June - 13 July

2014 FIFA World Cup™

FIFA’s Licensing Programme on the ball

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The announcement that Globo Marcas has been appointed as the Official Master Licensee for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in the territory of Brazil represents an important milestone in FIFA’s newly established licensing programme, and is set to be followed by a series of international licensing partnerships to be announced in the coming months.

After a thorough review of its licensing strategy, FIFA decided that, with the exception of in the Host Country, its international licensing programme would be managed in-house. The main focus will be on appointing licensees for key product categories and establishing relationships with selected retailers directly for distribution of Official Licensed Products, the operation of Official Event Retail Stores, and exploitation of e-commerce operations.

With this in-house structure, FIFA will have greater control over the key elements of its global licensing programme and is poised to offer the perfect platform to link the FIFA World Cup™ brand to millions of football fans all over the world. Various dedicated retail outlets will become the first points of contact for fans to see, feel and buy their own piece of the action, no matter where they are in the world.

FIFA’s Head of Strategy and Brand Management, Ralph Straus, explained: “We see the Licensing Programme as an important tool to fuel fan excitement at a global level through merchandise, souvenirs, and other quality products featuring the event marks. The widespread availability of engaging licensed products before and during the tournament is a key contributor to the thrill of the event and will delight consumers looking for a more authentic fan experience.”

Recognising the pivotal role that each host nation plays in the success of the event, FIFA has chosen to work with a Master Licensee in the territory of Brazil to guarantee the necessary expertise tailored to specific requirements of the local market.

Commenting on FIFA’s approach in Brazil, Thierry Weil, Marketing Director at FIFA, added: “The host country is where the majority of retail and merchandising sales are expected and, whenever possible, this will create revenue opportunities for local business in the production, distribution, and sale of licensed products. The appointment of Brazilian company Globo Marcas as our Master Licensee is in line with FIFA’s aspiration to generate economic benefits for the Host Country.”

In addition to focusing on local business in the host country, FIFA is equally committed to increasing awareness of the negative aspects associated with counterfeit merchandise and, as such, campaigns will run to explain that only the purchase of Official Licensed Products comes with a guarantee that they were manufactured in accordance with safety, quality and ethical business standards.

Elaborating on this important aspect of the licensing programme, Ralph Straus remarked: “Integrity is one of FIFA’s core values, therefore we will work only with trusted retailers, manufacturers and distributors. All our licensees must adhere to the code of conduct of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry as well as the declaration of fundamental principles and rights at work adopted by the International Labour Organisation. This ensures mutual commitment to the rule that all Official Licensed Products have to be produced child labour-free and prison labour-free.”

Following the appointment of Globo Marcas in Brazil, FIFA is now concluding discussions with retailers, suppliers and distributors on an international level. Interested companies can apply using the application form on FIFA.com. For the territory of Brazil, full contact details and information about the application procedure of Globo Marcas will be uploaded on FIFA.com soon and general enquiries on FIFA’s Licensing Programme can be sent to fifaretail@fifa.org.

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