2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Dutch move the party to Durban

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The Dutch fans are continuing their Orange invasion of South Africa, moving through from Tshwane/Pretoria to Durban for their match against Japan on Saturday.

True to their style, the Dutch fans gave the coastal city a taste of how they celebrate football, gathering from the early morning on the beach to warm up for the match.

Having travelled together in a 6km long convoy consisting of 175 camper vans, trucks and jeeps on a 636km journey between the two host cities, the 5000 fans gathered at North beach on Saturday morning to have a pre-cheering session before the match.

Lloyd Vandenberg said, “this is what happens every time our team plays, we all travel together to different parts of the world just to cheer and wish them well, it is my first time in South Africa and it is a pleasure to be here’’.

The mayor of Durban, Obed Mlaba, was also invited to attend the beach-side warm-up and to his surprise he was presented with a certificate as a token of appreciation for hosting the Dutch fans in Durban. “We would like to welcome you all to our warm city and I am truly humbled by your humanity and positive energy,” said the mayor.

"Today we are taking over Durban, as you can see that the beach is orange. We had a ‘’lekker braai’’ (barbecue) as they call it in Pretoria and we hoping to have a beach party here after the game,’’ said Clause Sabine.

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