2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™

12 June - 13 July

2014 FIFA World Cup™

Tips to help volunteers perform well at the FIFA World Cup

In order to efficiently carry out the roles they will be undertaking during the FIFA World Cup™, volunteers must follow certain rules and possess some crucial qualities: 

1 – Be committed

The work carried out by volunteers is a vital part of day-to-day operations during the FIFA World Cup. For that reason, volunteers' diligence and commitment to work schedules are of paramount importance to the event’s smooth running.

2 – Be positive

Whatever role you are carrying out, it always goes more smoothly when you approach it in the right spirit. What is more, a positive and good-humoured person is always a great addition to any group.

3 – Foster good interpersonal relations

Maintaining good interpersonal relations with work-mates will help you to successfully carry out your duties. It should also be highlighted that the FIFA World Cup is a global event, where people from a host of nationalities are present. With that in mind, all volunteers must respect the different cultures that they will encounter.

4 – Be pro-active

When volunteers show initiative, this is extremely valuable for the smooth running of the area in which they are working. It is important to be pro-active, while also being aware that there are some rules which must be respected. Before deciding on any course of behaviour, volunteers should ask their team leader or coordinator what to do in each situation.

*5 - Be able to negotiate *

In certain areas and when dealing with a variety of people, volunteers will need to negotiate in order to get what they want. For that reason it is important to be patient, to listen to what the other person is saying and express your points of view clearly and objectively.

6 – Be patient

At an event like the FIFA World Cup, things can get rather hectic. It is therefore vital to be patient, listen and be able to always respond in a pleasant and polite way.

7 – Communicate clearly

Communicating clearly and objectively is an important part of volunteers making themselves understood and getting their desired message across, without misunderstandings. It is necessary to confirm that the person you are speaking to has genuinely understood what has been said.

8 – Work as a team

Volunteers being able to work as part of a team is fundamental for ensuring the objectives of the area they are working in are met. It is also important to treat your work colleagues well, be friendly and helpful, as well as being able to both listen and give opinions when necessary.

9 – Be discreet

Discretion is one of a volunteer’s greatest allies. When spotting celebrities, players or members of a team’s coaching staff, volunteers must be as discreet as possible and do their job excellently, so that the ‘stars of the show’ feel at ease. Volunteers must not take photos or ask for autographs.

10 – Have leadership skills

Volunteers who see themselves as leaders must make the effort to set a good example in front of the team they belong to, by showing commitment to their role and the responsibilities they hold. Their team will reflect the behaviour that they exhibit.

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