2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Calling all collectors

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FIFA is delighted to announce the launch of the official online Panini sticker album for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Fans can now collect and trade virtual stickers of the players who will participate at the showpiece event.

Each of the 32 qualified teams have 11 star players and a few sticker surprises to collect. So, it's time to pocket them all and pack your virtual Panini FIFA World Cup album!

Let’s get started
To start your South Africa 2010 virtual album, click on the ‘FIFA World Cup Virtual Sticker Album’ link to the right of this article or go to www.fifa.com/stickeralbum. Be sure to read the Rules and FAQ section carefully to make the most of the opportunity.

You need to be a FIFA.com Club member to participate, so if you're not, simply register on FIFA.com - it’s fast and free.

Limited edition giveawaysSuccessfully complete your entire FIFA World Cup Panini online album before 16 July and you will be eligible for our random prize draw. From the random draw, 100 very lucky winners will receive a completed limited-edition hardcover print version of Panini's virtual online version.

Swap area
Eager to complete your virtual album before 16 July? Sort your virtual stickers into a swap stack and enter the swap area. Here you can trade stickers online with other collectors, create sticker offers and requests, and set up trade rules.

Collector’s groupsRound up some of your friends and start a collector’s group to help share and swap your way to a complete album. You can join and leave collector’s groups freely up until the 20 per cent album completion mark. After this point you are locked into your current collector's group.

The packets
You will receive a couple of virtual packs each day, with five stickers in each packet. Sort your stickers into duplicate and new ones. Glue your new stickers in (once you do, they’re stuck there) and trade your swap pile in your collector’s group or the swap area. Missed a day? Don’t worry, you will receive your accrued allotment of stickers when you next log in.

Bonus packs and promotion codesVarious partners of the FIFA World Cup online Panini sticker album will offer promotion codes, which will entitle you to bonus sticker packets. Be on the look out for Panini newsletters, football quizzes on FIFA.com and Coca-Cola bottles* with Panini codes. You will also receive a bonus packet when completing your first team.

*Coca-Cola bottles carrying Promotion codes will only be available in certain countries.

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