2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

11 June - 11 July

2010 FIFA World Cup™

Buzz surrounds preparations for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009™ draw


With the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009™ draw only two days away, the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ Organising Committee (OC) is in full operational mode preparing for the event.

"Everything is going well here, we are on schedule and hope the draw will attract a lot of attention and further promote the FIFA Confederations Cup," said the OC's Event Manager Tim Cook.

One aspect that is definitely on track is the volunteer programme, which called on South Africans to volunteer their services for the FIFA Confederations Cup.

The volunteers, an integral part of the draw, have been trained in their various tasks for the weekend and are already frenetically busy ahead of the event. For many it is a wonderful opportunity to be able to contribute in some way to an important event for the country and to play a very special part of the FIFA Confederations Cup.

"I wish I could be even more involved. For me it is all about creating a great picture of South Africa for the outside world. It is such a big event that is very important for our country and working on this is a dream come true," remarked Bonginkosi Mthimunye, a freelance actor from Johannesburg who is a media volunteer for the draw.

As the volunteers were taken through the whole process, the thorough preparations for Saturday's draw became evident. FIFA and the OC's media operations department have been preparing for the influx of local and international journalists who will cover the draw, taking media volunteers through the media areas at the venue and explaining the process involved in servicing the media's requirements. The volunteers were amazed at the intricate detail involved in putting together the event and excited to be part of it.

Everything has to be planned, from ensuring good quality wireless internet and making sure translators are provided, to providing adequate facilities for the camera crews and even ensuring that the media had a place to put up their feet and grab something to eat at any given time

Although Cook seems happy with the preparations he is well aware that this is just the beginning, with the goal very much the 2010 FIFA World Cup ultimately.

"It is only the first step in the process but the draw show is going to be awesome," said Cook.

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