2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™

2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan™

31 May - 30 June

2002 FIFA World Cup™

2002 FIFA World Cup Logo Launched

The official logo of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan was revealed today simultaneously in Seoul and Tokyo, the capital cities of the first countries in Asia to host the world’s premier sports event.

The logo was also distributed worldwide by satellite for the international promotion of a brand mark that will identify the first FIFA World Cup of the new millennium. The circular logo was created by the Interbrand company from its London office, in consultation with its offices in Tokyo and Seoul. For the first time in the history of the event, the logo features the FIFA World Cup Trophy as a central stylised feature.

Interbrand’s Andy Milligan says the design reflects the stature and universal appeal of the FIFA World Cup, while balancing and harmonising the cultures of the host countries as well as the values of FIFA. "The logo builds on the artistic principles and traditions of Korea and Japan, such as asymmetry, dynamism and harmony, in order to live up to the high quality of design for which both countries are renowned. At the same time, it has to work in many different practical applications, from TV spots to web-sites, banners, stationery and merchandise."

"We chose a circular shape because it is highly relevant," says Interbrand creative director Chris Lightfoot. "The circle has been part of the Asian culture for many centuries, having symbolised the universe, the sun, the world and even life itself. A sector of the outer circle has deliberately been left open to symbolise the route to the trophy. The colours reflect the vibrant mix of all the teams that play in the FIFA World Cup."

The text accompanying the symbol features the infinity symbol as the two zeros in the year 2002, representing the eternal spirit of unity and the harmonious link between the co-organisers and all others involved in the event. The name FIFA and the date appear in gold, to represent quality, while the logotype for the names Korea and Japan are a modernised version of a traditional Asian typeface.

"The launch of the World Cup logo is in many ways the start of the World Cup itself," said FIFA President Sepp Blatter. "From this moment on, the event has a real identity: the fans, the media and everyone else can associate with it more easily. It’s a very important step in the build-up to the FIFA World Cup, especially in this modern age of communication."

The Chairman of the FIFA Organising Committee for the World Cup, Lennart Johansson, said : "The creators of this new logo have to be congratulated. It is admirable how they have achieved the difficult task of combining graphically and elegantly all the elements that the FIFA World Cup unites : the host countries, the trophy, the ball, the world, the colour, the status, and yet also the simplicity of football."

The 2002 FIFA World Cup logo is a protected mark. While the media are encouraged to use the logo to help build interest in their own coverage of the FIFA World Cup, it is legally forbidden for use by commercial entities which have not acquired an official relationship with FIFA.