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Brazil 2014

Brazil-Chile: Quotes

Julio Cesar of Brazil celebrates the win through a penalty shootout
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Luiz Felipe Scolari, Brazil coach

We knew when the draw was made we were going to be in for a tough time. They’re a very organised team with a good tactical system and fine players. Every credit to Chile but this penalty shootout win says a lot about us and about our desire to progress. The players can have a break now and, as they recover, we’ll have a look at how we won, go through all the tricky situations we were in and a whole lot of other details. The idea is to build on this. When you win like this you come out stronger. We’re going to tell them that so they can appreciate what they’ve done.

Jorge Sampaoli, Chile coach
I’m not happy. We gave everything we had and we were up against a whole stadium, against the hosts and we didn’t go through. Our players made history and they did their country proud. We had possession of the ball, we put in a lot of effort, we took more risks and we fought till the end. If that shot hadn’t hit the bar, then everything might have been different. But it wasn’t. I hope that the pain that we’re feeling right now becomes something else in the future. With time we’ll look at it differently and we’ll come to appreciate what this team has done.

Julio Cesar, Brazil goalkeeper and Budweiser Man of the Match
We had a good first half and created a lot of chances. After the equaliser Chile came into the game and made life hard for us. All we can do is thank the fans and our team-mates for keeping the faith. There’s huge pressure in representing our country, and it was tough on a psychological and emotional level. I got very emotional four years ago, and today I was crying again, but this time out of happiness. Not many people know what I’ve been through, but I knew my international career wasn’t over. We’ve got three more steps to go now and I want to see Brazil celebrating. That’s my big dream.

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