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2010 FIFA World Cup™

England-Algeria: Quotes

Fabio Capello manager of England reacts during the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Group C match between England and Algeria
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Fabio Capello, England coachThis is not the team I recognise from training or from qualifying. We missed too many passes, lost too many balls. It was not a good game. We have to do better. We have another game to play. It's our last chance to continue in the tournament. The players know what they have to do. We need to get to the ball quicker. It's not just a question of one player. It's the team. We can change the tactics if we have to, but we have to do better.

Rabah Saadane, Algeria coachI don't know what happened to [England] tonight. They weren't at their best - I thought they would be better. We could have won and so could they. Both teams had opportunities. I think it was a match where everyone tried as much as they could and it's a pity it was a draw and a goalless draw at that.

Steven Gerrard, England midfielder and captain
We need to improve, it’s as simple as that. There are no excuses and we know that we now have to go and win the last game. Of course that brings more pressure but to play at this level you’ve got to be able to handle that. You’ve got to be able to play under pressure with England but we just never hit our level today and it’s not good enough. I don’t know why that was, but we weren’t aggressive enough, we didn’t win the ball back early enough and there was no cutting edge in the final third. Of course you have to give credit to Algeria for getting a draw off us but we should be beating them. We have to look at ourselves.

Ryad Boudebouz, Algeria midfielderWe are pleased with the draw as the English underestimated us in the media over recent days. We were determined to show them we were not just here for the ride and that we have a decent team. Now we have to play the United States and if we know if we play like we did tonight we can beat them.

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