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Women's Day

Kadeisha Buchanan

Canada and Olympique Lyonnais player

“We want coaching staff that are up to the job. Just because it's women's football doesn't mean to say it's easier."


Spain U-17 coach 

U-17 Women's World Cup 🏆

U-17 Women's EURO 🏆

in 2018

  • To receive the same recognition as men for our achievements
  • Equal pay
  • A real commitment to women, not just lip service 
  • A presence on decision-making bodies


"Do you know the offside rule? Yes, and if you don’t mind me saying, I know it better than most Premier League referees."


Lydia Tafesse Abebe

Árbitra internacional

de Etiopía

  • Necesitamos más oportunidades
  • Poder arbitrar partidos tanto femeninos como masculinos
  • Más partidos del más alto nivel
I am convinced that by having more people watching the game and seeing how beautiful, skilful and athletic it is – we will attract more fans, higher participation and in turn, more commercial interest and revenue streams into the women’s game.


FIFA Chief Women’s Football Officer

Vero Brunati

Argentinian journalist

  • More solidarity with one another
  • Become more qualified
  • Get jobs on merit and not on the way we look

Sarina Wiegman

Netherlands head coach

  • Facilities of the very highest quality
  • Girls starting out in the game should be able to play in conditions that allow them to develop and enjoy themselves

Dawn Scott

Fitness coach,

USA women's national team

If we’re going to get more women into these jobs at the highest level, we need more open doors, but we also need women who are looking for these opportunities and can make the most of them. Organisations and teams need to give talented, qualified women opportunities to work in every position.

With just a few months

until France 2019, now,

more than ever

is the time: