This year’s FIFA Fair Play Day will be held in the middle of the Women’s World Cup – but will again also be aimed to appeal to people playing the game at all levels throughout the world. The FIFA Security and Fair Play Committee agreed at its meeting in Zurich on 10 March that the third Fair Play Day would be organised on the weekend of 26/27 June. It will coincide with no fewer than eight matches over a period of two days at the Women’s World Cup in the United States, including the game in Boston between hosts USA and North Korea as well as Canada-Russia, China-Australia, Ghana-Sweden, Norway-Japan, Mexico-Italy, Germany-Brazil and Nigeria-Denmark.

"The impact of last year’s Fair Play Day during France '98, and especially the attention paid to the match between the United States and Iran on 21 June 1998, showed the impact of fair play gestures at the highest level of the game," said committee chairman Dr Antonio Matarrese (Italy). "Although the month of June is relatively quiet for professional football in many parts of the world, Fair Play Day is just as much aimed at grassroots football, which is still active then and we are sure there will be plenty of fair play projects in many countries of the world as there have been in the past two years."

In this connection, the committee decided to encourage such active participation by offering prizes to those countries creating the most active and original Fair Play Day projects. The Committee also agreed in principle to the fair play event in 2000 being turned into a multi-sports occasion, with other international sports federations invited to join FIFA in the promotion of fair play on a date to be fixed.