FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™

FIFA Women's World Cup

The competition is heating up: Predict the results of the knockout games!

Match Predictor Promo Knockout 
  • Predict the scorelines in the knockout stages
  • Answer interesting bonus questions on every match
  • Prizes up for grabs in each round and for the overall winner

How will the Round of 16 encounter between England and Cameroon end up? Or USA against Spain? Who will score the first goal of the game? Which team will have more possession?

As the knockout stages get underway, you have the chance to collect extra points in the Match Predictor presented by Hyundai. From now on, as well as predicting the result of each game, you can also answer two bonus questions before each match kicks off.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only answer the bonus questions for each match from when the starting line-ups are announced around 60 minutes before the game until kick-off.

You get 30 bonus points for every correct answer.

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Play the France 2019 Match Predictor presented by Hyundai

We also have a few interesting facts and figures from the group stage for stat fans. Sweden’s 2-0 victory over Chile is the most correctly guessed scoreline so far, with almost a quarter (24.35%) of all players anticipating the right result. Around 9% of all games have been predicted correctly so far. Jamaica’s matches were guessed right more often than any others, with around 84% of you entering the correct outcome. What’s more, you also predicted an average of 3.18 goals per game, almost exactly matching the average rate of 3.00 goals per game for the tournament so far.

All that remains now is to take a look at the current standings. Are you out in front? If so, the aim of the game now is to defend your lead. If you are mid-table, a few bolder predictions could help you collect some much-needed points and close the gap to the league leaders!

Match Predictor Standings after Group Stage