FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™

FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™


Sheroes: Mrs Pogba lights the way for three footballing sons

  • Our #Sheroes video series is highlighting some amazing women off the pitch
  • This one spotlights the mother of the three footballing Pogba brothers
  • Yeo Moriba wonders if her football ability was genetically passed to her sons

If raising twins, and a younger son, alone on the Renardiere housing estate in Roissy-en-Brie, France wasn’t tough enough for Yeo Moriba, she was the driving force behind not one, but all three of them becoming professional footballers.

“I was born in Guinea and grew up there,” the mother of the Pogba brothers – Florentin, Mathias and Paul – told FIFA. “I played a lot of different sports. But eventually, I chose football.

“We created a football team. And I was the captain of our women’s team. Maybe this was genetically passed to my children, I don’t know. But my three children have the same passion for football.

“The three of them were always together, until they got separated. Paul went to Le Havre and the twins went to Spain. One weekend I would go and visit Paul, and the next weekend I’d visit the twins. Every time I left them I would give them this advice: 'You left your country to reach a goal, so do your best to reach this goal.' "

Paul Pogba reached his ultimate goal by propelling France to glory at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™, with Yeo, to whom he gave his winner’s medal, Florentin and Mathias all celebrating wildly afterwards on the Luzhniki Stadium turf.

Spotlight on the #Sheroes
In the above video, the incredible Yeo also discusses how she managed to raise three children on her own, Paul becoming her full-time job and the importance of always telling your kids the truth, no matter how successful they are.

It is the fourth in our six-part #Sheroes series – short films on females with inspirational stories that fuse ‘The Beautiful Game’ and love – to honour a FIFA Women’s World Cup™ year.

Be sure to check out the previous ones on a Brazilian who narrates entire matches for her son at the stadium, an Englishwoman who combines mothering a pop star with coaching a men’s football team and a USWNT star who went from being pregnant and scared to a world champion within a couple of years.

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