FIFA Women's World Cup USA 1999

FIFA Women's World Cup USA 1999

FIFA Women's World Cup 1999™

Qualification for the Sydney 2000 Women's Football Tournament

In accordance with Art. 6 of the Regulations of the Olympic Football Tournament "eight teams, namely the Olympic team of the Australian Soccer Federation and the seven top teams in the 3rd Women's World Cup to be held in the USA shall compete in the final competition".

The qualification procedure is as follows:

  1. If the eight quarter-finalists include Australia, all eight will qualify.If the eight quarterfinalists do not include Australia:

    • the four winning quarter-finalists will qualifythe three best among the losing quarter-finalists will qualify, i.e. those that lose by the lowest margin. This margin of defeat will be based upon the goal difference in the matches concerned. If the margin of defeat is the same, the losing team scoring the higher number of goals will be ranked higher

In order to distinguish between teams losing by the same score in the quarter-finals, the teams that have qualified will be determined on the basis of their first-round matches. The teams with the best performance in the group matches will be decided by the following criteria:

1.  points goat differencegoals scored

If teams are stilt equal after point 3, their status in the Fair Play ranking will decide.If teams are still equal after point 4, lots will be drawn by FIFA.