FIFA Women's World Cup China 2007

7 June - 7 July

FIFA Women's World Cup 2007™

GER-BRA: Post-match quotes

*Silvia Neid, Germany coach * It was an evenly-balanced match in terms of chances, Brazil might even have had more, but we worked as a team, came out strongly in the second half and scored at the right time. Once Nadine Angerer saved the penalty, I was always confident we wouldn't concede. We worked together well, we stood tight in defence, we were close to our opponents and there was a determination there not to concede any goals. Before the tournament, we asked all the players to work back and defend as much as possible. The end result is that we have scored 21 goals to nil at this tournament.

*Jorge Barcellos, Brazil coach * It was a very tough game for us and one in which we missed lot of very good chances. The Germans only had a few chances but they took theirs well. This was especially important in the second half when we were one down and Marta missed such a critical penalty. But it's clear my players tried their best and I can only say I'm very sad with the result. The players are eager to win and that will help them play better in future.

*Nadine Angerer, Germany goalkeeper * I watched Brazil's game against Australia and although that time Marta went for the right corner with her penalty, I had a feeling that this time she would go for the left. So I decided to wait as long as possible - and it was the right decision.

*Cristiane, Brazilforward * Today we didn't play very well, we couldn't take our chances and Germany did, so that was the difference. It was a sad day but this team has done a very good job, we have 21 very talented players and I think we have given a very good example to the girls in Brazil.

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