Martina Voss-Tecklenburg, Switzerland coach
I don’t want too sound arrogant, but I was expecting us to score a lot of goals. When we got the second, we knew what was going to happen next. Prior to that we didn’t do too well. We were too slow, too nervous and too passive. I’m very critical and my players know it. It was important for them to tell me at half-time what wasn’t working. When you can score ten goals, you have to score ten goals. We tried to keep on scoring because we knew it could be important in the final group standings. 

Vanessa Arauz, Ecuador coach
What this defeat shows me is that Switzerland are capable of competing with the very best, unlike us. I’ve also learned that it’s difficult for us to maintain the level we showed during the first 30 minutes because of our lack of experience. What we need is a stronger domestic league so we can be more competitive when we make it to major competitions. This is a low for us, but the goal we scored shows me that the work we’re doing counts for now and the future, even if it didn’t give us any hope in the match itself. Every single game is part of our growth process, and that includes the last match too. We’re picking up experience in tough times and we need to lift ourselves so we can have some good times in the future too.