Jill Ellis, USA coach
We will enjoy this tonight, and then our focus will turn to our next opponent. I’m very proud of the players, and they stepped up tonight. This team has embraced the accountability of defending in every line. We have gritty players at the back, and sophisticated players at the back and our defensive record is a credit to the team. We played with two 6’s so we could release Carli (Lloyd) and it worked.

Silvia Neid, Germany coach
This was a semi-final with two high level teams playing against each other. Unfortunately we were not dangerous enough around the opponents’ goal and I congratulate the United States. I think two very good teams played against each other, and sometimes in that scenario they neutralise each other but it was still a good game. This team has given its all today, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. Tonight it will be very hard for all of us, but in a way we would like to have a nice conclusion to the tournament, so after tomorrow we will focus on the match for third-place on Saturday.