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FIFA Women's World Cup

Korea DPR-Sweden: Quotes

AUGSBURG, GERMANY - JULY 02:  Head coach Kim Kwang Min of Korea DPR looks on during the FIFA Women's
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*Thomas Dennerby, Sweden coach
I thought we did very well, our defence was great. Our original plan was that Korea DPR couldn’t get through – and they didn’t. We worked hard to create chances. We are satisfied. I hope that if we keep working with our forwards, they will score, but it doesn’t matter who scores, I don’t think about that. Because we won, I’m satisfied. Before the next game, I’ll tell them to keep on working hard. That’s all we, and they, can do.

*Kim Kwang Min, Korea DPR coach
This was our second game and now this result means that our fate is in the balance. The result between USA and Colombia will decide whether we survive in the competition. I thought we played well in the first half, but then we were a little naive in the second, especially in terms of concentration. This team is very young and they are inexperienced in such a competition as this. However, this World Cup will have taught them a lot of lessons. In four years time they will be stronger.

*Caroline Seger, Sweden midfielder and player of the match
I’m really glad that Lisa [Dahlkvist' scored the goal today. She’s a good player, she is easy to play with. I’m obviously disappointed about the yellow card, which means that I’m going to miss the next game with the USA, but I’m sure my team-mates are going to do really well. I can count on them – and that’s what counts, it’s a team effort. Every game is important, it doesn’t matter if we have to play against Brazil or not. It’s the World Cup and if you are the best, you have to beat everyone.

*Josefine Oqvist, Sweden forward *
In my opinion we played well today after all and it was a great atmosphere. We are a good team and we know how to play together. It’s nice to know that we do not have to fight to reach the quarter-finals, but you should never look to far ahead. We are just focusing on our next match.

Jessica Landstrom, Sweden forward
North Korea were very strong in the first half, but we simply outplayed them in the second half and that was the difference. North Korea are a very good team. We were perhaps a bit nervous today and as a result missed a few chances. The main thing is that we won the match. The next match against the U.S. will be difficult. We have played them three times already, so we know them very well. Our main objective of course is to qualify for the quarter-finals.

Lotta Schelin, Sweden forward
When one of your goals is to make it into the quarter-finals, and you succeed, of course it’s reason to celebrate. Sure we had missed opportunities today, but yesterday in practice I took advantage of several chances to score. So sometimes it just doesn’t work out and sometimes it does. The atmosphere here has been just fantastic and it’s very well organised. It’s exciting to play in front of 25,000 fans. You would think they are all Swedes, but most of them are German! To think that they are cheering for us is just fantastic!

Antonia Goransson, Sweden midfielder
I’m really happy to be in the quarter-finals now. Winning the first two matches does in fact give us a lot of confidence for the rest of the tournament. As for our chances of winning it all, we just have to wait and see what happens and focus on playing our best. I can also confirm the rumours about the transfer to Potsdam. The exact date hasn’t been decided, but certainly after the World Cup. It will be a two-year contract. I like Germany and I especially enjoyed my time in Hamburg. I’ll be playing for the one of the best coaches I’ve ever had, so I’m excited about that. I’m also excited about being able to play in the UEFA Champions League. When I was a child, I could only dream of playing on teams like these and now I’m like “wow!”. This all a dream come true for me.