Norway coach Eli Landsem
We wasted opportunities during the match but we also had some bad luck. Our objective is to gain as many points as possible and that will be our goal for the next match. It was an important win as it was our first match, although we would have liked more goals. I have never been involved in a game in which we had 23 shots on goal and the opposition had even more than that. I had to make lots of substitutions and had to bring Lene Mykjaland off because she was injured.

Equatorial Guinea coach Marcello Frigerio
From the beginning it was unclear who would be victorious, it could have gone either way. It was a balanced game with many opportunities. It’s tough when shots don’t go in, we could have had four goals. This is a new experience for us and our first World Cup. Was fatigue a factor? Not really. I told the team to keep up the pressure. Our defence was set up well, but Norway play a high game. I was happy with Anonman. She had good and bad moments, but still has lots of potential. This game was a valuable experience that we will use for the next game. I think we can qualify from the group. Brazil will be a tough game, but we know their players and style of play.

Ingrid Hjelmseth, Norway goalkeeper and Player of the Match
It’s a good feeling. I think I had a good game and I made a couple of good saves, so I’m happy. I wasn’t expecting to be kept so busy! It was great to keep a clean sheet and the defenders who were in front of me worked so hard to keep it too. 

Norway forward Isabell Herlovsen
I think maybe we were nervous in the first half; we had some chances which we didn’t make. We played better in the second half. It was really warm, some of us had cramps, but we worked hard. It was very important to win!

Norway forward Leni Larsen Kaurin
Sometimes football is all about luck, we had many chances, especially the one in the second minute, but it was hard to score. The direction was missing sometimes but we are satisfied. There is nothing better than to assist a goal, though of course I would have wished to play from the beginning. Anonman is their star, she played very well. She had the most chances but our goalkeeper was very good.  Equatorial Guinea are dangerous going forward and also their defence is not bad. They surely will score some goals.

Equatorial Guinea midfielder Chinasa
I am very disappointed about losing the game, but we hope to win the next one. Before the match we were nervous because it was our first World Cup game. We will try our best in the next two games and we will try to reach the quarter-finals.

Equatorial Guinea midfielder Anonman
It was a dream to play at the World Cup and today the dream came true. On the one hand, I am happy because my team played very well. But on the other hand, we are disappointed. Our chances of reaching the quarter-finals are smaller now, but with a win against Australia and a draw against Brazil, I guess we will get there. My whole family watched the game in Equatorial Guinea, no-one has gone to work. They are very proud.