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FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011

New Zealand-Mexico: Quotes

Head coach John Herdman of New Zealand (L) comes together with his team
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Maribel Dominguez, Mexico striker and Player of the Match
This has been the hardest result for us to take because we thought we had our first win in the bag. We showed a few weaknesses in the second half though, and with those late goals we conceded it’s a draw that feels like a defeat. It was a tragic way for us to end and being named Player of the Match brings me no pleasure.

John Herdman, New Zealand coach
To win our first point in this way is like winning the World Cup. If we’d had another three minutes or so, I reckon we would have gone on and won.

Rebecca Smith, New Zealand captain
We felt the crowd was pretty much split down the middle in the first half, but they were on our side after the break and that gave us new life. It was so exciting to come back like that right at the end, and doing the Haka at the end was our way of saluting the fans who had travelled so far to see us.