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FIFA Women's World Cup Germany 2011

New Zealand-England: Quotes

Abby Erceg (R) of New Zealand and Ellen White (L) of England battle for the ball
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*New Zealand coach John Herdman*
It was a truly great performance by the girls, and I’m very proud of them. We held our own against one of the powerhouses of the game for an hour. That isn’t the end of our tournament, because we still have a game against Mexico. It's about pride, and about New Zealand picking up their first three points at a World Cup.

England manager Hope Powell
Credit to New Zealand, they really put us on the back foot and we struggled with it in the first half. They did well and it was a hard-fought contest. But credit to my girls too, they worked really hard for the three points. It was a very tough match and the three points are what mattered. That's what we came for, and that’s what we’ve come away with. *
England defender Alex Scott, Player of the Match
Obviously, I’m delighted with the Player of the Match award, but what matters is the team. We wouldn’t be England if we didn’t make it hard for ourselves. We dug a hole for ourselves, but we’ve climbed back out of it and won. We’ll try and win again when we play Japan.