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FIFA Women's World Cup

Japan-USA: Quotes

Head coach Norio Sasaki of Japan
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Looking back at the game, there are some points of criticism. We were quite rigid at times and we didn’t always play our game. Our defensive was very focussed and organised, very much like the game against Germany. We didn’t really get into the game 100 per cent like we would have liked to. There simply wasn’t enough space to play passes.

The Americans had some great attacking play but our defensive line was very well organised. The players were patient, they wanted to win this game and I think it’s because of that the Americans scored only two goals. Yes we had luck in the penalty shootout and I definitely got some help from my football god!

Considering the current situation in Japan I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, and in particular for the support we received from Germany. Germany is a grand football country and we received a lot of support here in Germany.
*Norio Sasaki, Japan coach *

We gave the crowd a good game today. It will be a final to remember and credit to both teams. I am very happy with how we played in the first half. We changed our style compared to the semi-final. I’m disappointed, and yes we won silver. Hopefully I can feel that in a few weeks.

Playing in the final at the highest level, you have to take your chances, and we weren’t sharp enough with the two goals conceded and that is why we didn’t win the game. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Germany. This experience has been phenomenal and the bar has been set very high moving forward.

There is something to be said about the way Japan plays. They are comfortable with the ball even when they are behind and that kind of thing is good for women’s football.
*Pia Sundhage, USA coach *

We have some very good players on the team and this is why we have been able to win the final. I received excellent support from the other players and I want to emphasise this is a team effort. In the penalty shootout I just had to believe in myself and I was very confident.
Ayumi Kaihori, Japan goalkeeper and player of the match

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