Women's Football

Marta relives passionate France 2019 speech


08 Mar 2020

The all-time leading goalscorer in World Cup history, Marta produced one of the unforgettable moments of France 2019.

After Brazil were knocked out at the Round of 16, the Brazilian took full advantage of her platform during a post-match interview, delivering a motivational speech that went around the world and still resonates.

"The future of women's football is depending on you to survive. It's wanting it more. It's taking care of yourself more. It's training more. It's being ready to play 90 minutes and able to play 30 minutes more. Revere it more!

"There won't be a Marta forever. Think about what I'm saying. Cry at the beginning so you can smile at the end."

We sat down with Marta and replayed her inspiring monologue. This was her reaction.