FIFA’s Live Your Goals programme continues to resonate with young female players if the past month is any gauge. The diverse nature and global spread of Member Associations engaging in FIFA’s introductory development tool for girls at grassroots level is also encouraging for the future growth of the game. highlights just some of the key activities held during July.

A strong turnout of nearly 200 young players were on hand for Uruguay’s first-ever Live Your Goals programme. National team players Daiana Farias, Yamila Badell and Stefania Maggiolini were among those to lead the youngsters through a variety of fun football activities. The Uruguay FA intend for this event to be the first of several to be conducted over the coming four-year cycle.

The remote northern Pacific Ocean nation of Guam has been hugely active in addressing all areas of the game in recent years, earning a rich dividend for their endeavours. Their latest Live Your Goals course took place at the FA’s football complex to an enthusiastic group of youngsters. The LYG activity followed on from an intensive seven-day FIFA Women's Coaching Course held at the Guam FA conducted by visiting FIFA instructor Belinda Wilson of Australia.

Republic of Ireland
The most recent Live Your Goals event to be held in Republic of Ireland took place in Skibbereen in West Cork, a strong Gaelic Football region currently without organised female competitions in football. That will soon change if the enthusiasm of the young players who attended this event is any indication. International players Evelyn Daly and Ciara McNamara, who also play for national league club Cork City, were on hand to lend their expertise where they also proved to be popular role-models.

Goa is a strong traditional area for football in India, but now many young females in the region have enjoyed their first taste of the game after a recent Live Your Goals event was conducted. Nearly 100 girls braved inclement weather to make the most of an enjoyable shared experience with like-minded youngsters. The LYG program was held in conjunction with a three-day grassroots leadership course, with a similar dual event to be held in Mumbai during August.

Going back beyond July and Portugal also held a highly-successful dual event, incorporating a Women’s Football Technical and Administration course in conjunction with their Live Your Goals program. The Lisbon-based LYG event concluded a five-month program by the Portugal FA which incorporated competition football for 2,200 players across 23 cities. The LYG event witnessed an incredible turnout of some 600 players under the watchful eye of various national team coaches. The youngsters also had the opportunity to learn their craft alongside national team players Ana Borges, Jessica Silva, Monica Mendes and Tatiana Pinto. The youngsters also saw top-level football first-hand with all participants attending the women’s cup final between Benfica and Valadares Gaia.