Women's Football

Participants to the FIFA Women's World Cup 2003

The fourth FIFA Women's World Cup will be held for the second time in China from September 24 to October 11, 2003. Following the inaugural staging of the competition in 1991, the Asian nation has once again been handed the honour of playing host to the best teams on the planet. This time, however, 16 countries will compete for the prized trophy compared to 12 more than a decade ago.

So far, the only qualifiers have come from Europe. Germany, Norway, Russia and Sweden booked their ticket on the plane to the East as UEFA group winners, while France defeated England in a play-off for the fifth spot.

Final Draw: 24 May 2003

Allocation of Slots

**AFC (2.5)** **1.2.3. (play-off with Mexico)****Qualifying competition:** The 14th AFC Women's Championship 2003 will take place in April/May 2003. The host still needs to be determined.
**CAF (2)** **1.2.** **Qualifying competition:** The final Tournament of the 3rd African Championship for Women's Football will take place in 2002 in Nigeria from 7th-21st December 2002. A total of 22 teams have entered the qualification competition. For the final tournament following eight teams have qualified: Group A: Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali and Nigeria and Group B: Angola, Cameroon, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The semi-final winners will advance to the FIFA Women's World Cup PR China 2003.
**CONCACAF (2.5)** **1. United States2. Canada3. Mexico (play-off with 3rd AFC)** **Qualifying competition:** Eight teams participated in the 2nd Women’s Gold Cup final tournament, divided into two groups of four teams each (Group 1: USA, Mexico, Panama and Trinidad and Tobago, Group 2: Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica and Haiti). One group played in Pasadena and Fullerton, California and Seattle, Washington in the USA, with the other group playing in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. The semifinals were held in Seattle, with the Women’s Gold Cup final between hosts USA and Canada in Pasadena, California on 9 November 2002.
**CONMEBOL (2)** **1. 2. ** **Qualifying competition:** 10 teams will dispute the qualifying competition in Peru in February/March 2003.
**OFC (1)** **1.** **Qualifying competition:** The OFC Women's World Cup Qualifying Tournament will be contested in Canberra (Australia) from 4-13 April, 2003 with approx. 10 teams participating.
**UEFA (5)** **1. Germany2. Norway3. Russia4. Sweden5. France** **Qualifying competition:** The qualifying competition has already kicked-off (first mach took place on 16 August 2001), with the participation of 34 teams. No final tournament will be played. 4 of the 5 participants from Europe will be known by the end of June 2002, after the last group matches. The fifth participant will be known after the play-off matches. France beat England, 1-0, in London in the first leg of the final play-off for the fifth spot. The second leg will take place on 16 November 2002 in France.
**HOST (1)** **China PR**