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4th FIFA Women's Football Symposium

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On the occasion of the 5th FIFA Women's World Cup in China, FIFA hosted the 4th FIFA Women's Football Symposium.

This two-day event was held in Shanghai on 29 and 30 September 2007, on the eve of the FIFA Women's World Cup China final between Germany and Brazil.

One hundred and ninety-six of FIFA's 208 member associations took part in the event, and of these, 150 countries chose to send their president, general secretary or both. All told, almost 500 delegates participated in the symposium.

Women's football has become a worldwide sporting phenomenon and a key driver of growth for the sport of football all around the world.

Today, some 26 million women and girls play football and one in every ten football players on the planet is female. Women's football is growing not only in absolute terms each year, but also in parts of the world where it has perhaps not been traditionally strong.

FIFA has been supporting the development and growth of women's football since the late 1980s, and has designed clear policies for its promotion and sent a clear message to its associations that the future of football is feminine.

But the development process requires a combination of policies and proactive measures for their implementation. Work in the field must complement policies, contribute to their implementation and promote growth.

On this website everybody has access to the presentations and video clips of the fourth FIFA Women's Football Symposium, which was filmed in its entirety.

If you are saying: "I know it is important to develop women's football - but it's not so easy in my country. Help me get started," then we hope you will find the answers in these documents and presentations.

We hope this information will be helpful to you in developing women's football, and women's sports in general, in your country.