Villa Stuart Sport Clinic, Rome, Italy

FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

Located in the heart of Rome on top of Monte Mario hill, Villa Stuart Sport Clinic is a 50-bed orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital and is one of the leading orthopaedic clinics in Italy, performing about 3,000 surgical operations per year.

The Sport Clinic is divided into two departments: the Department of Sports Traumatology and Rehabilitation and the Department of Sports Medicine.

  1. The Department of Sports Traumatology and Rehabilitation is widely recognised as a trauma centre for recreational and professional athletes and offers medical emergency and trauma services 24 hours a day. Fully equipped medical facilities include six operating theatres and a two-bed intensive care unit prepared for any type of emergency. Patients requiring hospitalisation are given rooms equipped with LCD satellite TV and internet access. The department provides a wide range of services in the field of rehabilitation, devoted to following the athlete up to their “return to play”, including indoor and outdoor sports facilities like gyms, a rehabilitation pool and a football pitch located in the clinic grounds.

  2. The Department of Sports Medicine is specifically organised to carry out all the clinical tests for pre-participation screening, laboratory and field testing, prevention of injuries and illnesses and evaluation of the athlete’s performance. Medical assessments for sport eligibility are carried out by a pool of specialists in sports medicine and other areas such as cardiology, ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and neurology. A Sports Nutrition Unit and a Sports Psychology Unit are available on site.

The Villa Stuart contribution to the world of football is demonstrated by more than 50 professional football clubs from Italy and other European and Asian countries that have chosen Villa Stuart Sport Clinic as health services provider, in some cases as the exclusive and official one.

Villa Stuart Sport Clinic carries out educational and research projects in close cooperation with the University of Rome’s “Foro Italico”, the only Italian state sports university, with the following chairs:

Orthopedics and Traumatology (Prof.  Pier Paolo Mariani)

Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine (Prof. Fabio Pigozzi)

Sports Physiology  (Prof. Andrea Macaluso)

Villa Stuart Sport Clinic provides patients with the best possible care, using the most up-to-date technology, diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Established 1947
Accredited FMCE since June 2011
All aspects of musculoskeletal diseases, incl. Sports Medicine
298 doctors, physiotherapists, scientists and researchers
Financial turnover EUR 31.5 Mio

Prof. Dr. Fabio Pigozzi
Director/Head of FMCE
Via Trionfale 5952,* *00135 Rome, Italy
Tel.: +39 063 55 281
Mobile: +39 320 465 41 69

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