Seminar a success as Performance progresses in China

The PERFORMANCE course in China

A two-day communications and TV broadcasting seminar organised as part of FIFA’s PERFORMANCE Programme concluded in Tianjin on Friday gave participants a chance to put theory into practice during the friendly international match between China and Singapore.

Tianjin Stadium, one of the host venues for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2007, provided the setting for a final practical session on Friday for the 80 participants from the Chinese Football Association (CFA), its member associations and clubs, who have taken part in productive talks relating to media relations, digital media platforms, TV rights sales and operations.

The seminar is yet another step in CFA’s participation in FIFA’s PERFORMANCE programme, an ongoing two to four year process designed to support the member association in its key management priorities. After an introductory session on media operations in June 2012, this event is continuing the work on this specific area.

“Following the course in Wuhan last year, we took a close look at the areas of management we wanted to focus on as part of Performance,” said CFA Vice President Lin Xiaohua, who leads the association on media, communications and marketing strategy among other areas.

“The topics included in this week’s seminar have been carefully selected to cater to the needs of CFA and its members. We appreciate the support from FIFA and are confident this programme will positively impact not only our day-to-day operations but also our capabilities in organising and hosting major football tournaments.”

FIFA’s Performance programme is designed to help member associations reach their maximum potential, primarily through the transfer of knowledge in specific management areas such as communications, but also on a case-by-case basis, through financing specific projects, such as, in the communications area, the creation of websites for the federations.

Providing that expertise this week were four FIFA representatives including Hidenori Arai, Senior Manager Sales and Distribution for FIFA TV, Commercial Manager Digital Frank Scherer, Editor Liu Junsheng and Media Relations Manager Priscilla Duncan, as well as FIFA Development Officer Jeysing Muthiah and Qinghua University professor Mr. Dong Guanpeng.

Chen Xiao, an official from Jiangsu Football Association, says the seminar has given her ideas for upcoming events, in particular next year’s Youth Olympic Football Tournaments to be held in the capital of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing.

"It is a rare chance to have the lectures by the experts of media, TV and digital from FIFA and what I have learned from this seminar will surely be helpful with our preparation work for next year's Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing,” she said.

“FIFA Digital's experiences with social media provides us with inspiration and I will propose to our managerial team to launch our account in social media and make it a platform where we can promote football and organise competitions."

FIFA’s support to CFA will continue in the near future with other activities targeting the areas of marketing and event management, but also through other programmes such as the Education and Technical support, FAP and other services offered by FIFA, as China continues to invest in its football future.

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