Reporting Mechanism

Chairman of FIFA's ethics committee, Claudio Sulser's hand holds the "FIFA's code of ethics"

FIFA has implemented a regulatory framework which is intended to ensure that all statutory rules, rules of conduct and internal guidelines of our organisation are respected and complied with. In this context, and in particular as a measure to aid in prevention, FIFA has issued, among others, the FIFA Code of Conduct and the FIFA Code of Ethics. These documents contain standards for legal and ethical behaviour which are expected to be considered and complied with by the pertinent stakeholders at all times and without exception.

Pursuant to the aforementioned regulatory framework, FIFA has set up this reporting mechanism by means of which inappropriate behaviour and infringements of the pertinent regulations may be reported. This portal offers an opportunity for employees, persons bound by the FIFA Code of Ethics, and others to notify FIFA of potential violations. Please note, however, that this reporting system is intended solely for potential violations that fall under the jurisdiction of FIFA, as opposed to the jurisdiction of a local entity, such as a confederation or association. FIFA’s jurisdiction encompasses misconduct that (1) relates to match manipulation; (2) occurs in or affects more than one confederation, so that it cannot adequately be addressed by a single confederation; or (3) would ordinarily be addressed by a confederation or association, but, under the particular facts at issue, has not been or is unlikely to be dealt with appropriately at that level.

This specially secured communication platform is administered by an external provider that specializes in secure and confidential handling of sensitive information. By these means, you can contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help protect our organisation.

Whether you submit your report anonymously or are asked to include your name, your information will be handled promptly and treated with the strictest confidentiality available under the applicable laws and regulations.

FIFA is convinced that every individual can contribute to promoting transparency and integrity through vigilance and a sense of responsibility. Please help us protect our organisation against harmful behaviour.