Learning by playing in Windhoek

11 for Health in Namibia
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Youngsters in the Namibian capital Windhoek do not have it easy. In the sparsely populated southern African country, the nearest school is often more than six kilometres away. Yet the children are happy to cover the distance, secure in the knowledge that it is worth the effort.

Thanks to the “11 for Health” program, children and adolescents are learning, through football more about how to lead a healthy and happy life. Teachers and coaches use the game to give them a better understanding of the issues of health and respect.

Healthy eating, respecting girls, as well as basic necessities such as washing hands are all part of the everyday lessons the schools provide. The wider community also benefits, as pupils return home and pass on the knowledge of how to have a healthy and happy life to parents and siblings.

In this FIFA TV and * *video, take a closer look at how football is helping children and teenagers in Namibia.

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