Improving beach soccer technique in CONCACAF

CONCACAF Beach Soccer Technical Preparation Workshop in Collaboration with FIFA
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With the support of FIFA, attendees from 16 members associations from CONCACAF met in Miami between 24-28 February for a Workshop on Beach Soccer Technical Preparation.

The opening ceremony, celebrated at Miami’s Newport Beachside Hotel, was attended by Hugo Salcedo (CONCACAF Director of Development), Angenie Kanhai (FIFA Development Officer) and Angelo Schirinzi (FIFA Beach Soccer Instructor). During the opening segment, the vast potential for the game in the region was underlined, as was the considerable impact the course itself would have the development of the sport there.

The workshop, which comprised separate theory classes complemented by practical activities on the sand, was aimed at improving the preparation of CONCACAF’s beach soccer national coaches ahead of the upcoming regional tournament. In El Salvador from 28 March to 4 April, the CONCACAF Beach Soccer Championship will take place to decide the region’s two representatives at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015 between 9 and 19 July.

"It is a pleasure for me to be the instructor for this CONCACAF Beach Soccer workshop," said FIFA Instructor Schirinzi. "This region has huge potential in the sport of beach soccer, and it is wonderful to see that 16 teams will be competing in the CONCACAF qualifiers next month. I hope that soon we will see all 41 CONCACAF Member Associations participating in beach soccer on a regular basis."

Presented by Swiss instructor Schirinzi, the workshop was attended by: Janeil Simon (Antigua and Barbuda), Stephen Bellot (Bahamas), Kevin McGreskin (Bahamas), Christopher King (Barbados), Renan Couoh Escobedo (Belize), Franklin Zuniga Garita (Costa Rica), Rudis Gonzalez Gallo (El Salvador), Arnaud Crimee (Guadalupe), Andrew Price (Jamaica), Ramon Raya Mejia (Mexico), Agustin Campuzano Lopez (Panama), Vitor Hugo Barros (Puerto Rico), Benyam Astorga (Trinidad and Tobago), Craig Harrington (Turks and Caicos), Terrence Jones (US Virgin Islands), German Laverde (USA).

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