Football for Hope

FIFA believes that football is more than just a game. Through its unique power and universality, football can bring people together, transform lives and inspire entire communities. It creates powerful opportunities to break down barriers to social development, education and health awareness. This is evidenced by the hundreds of community organisations that are active in delivering social projects through football across the globe.

To harness the game’s huge potential and support existing football-based community projects, FIFA launched the Football for Hope initiative in 2005 to help improve the lives and prospects of young people around the world. It offers funding, equipment, and training to organisations running such projects, and organises events for experts and young leaders so that they can meet, exchange ideas and learn from each other while sharing their experience of working in this field.

Between 2005 and 2015, the support FIFA has provided through Football for Hope has benefited 450 programmes run by 170 non-governmental organisations in 78 countries, serving hundreds of communities and tens of thousands of people throughout the world. HIV/AIDS education, conflict resolution, gender equality, social integration of people with intellectual disabilities, peace building, youth leadership and life skills are just some of the many objectives pursued.

FIFA’s commitment to helping young people improve their lives and their prospects, and those of the people around them, is ongoing.

As a responsible global organisation, FIFA ensures that it only supports and works with social projects that are sustainable, accountable and truly of benefit to the respective communities they serve. The organisations that participate in Football for Hope are:

  • legal and registered entities with non-governmental status (NGOs, CBOs, charities, FIFA member associations, etc.);

  • politically and religiously independent and not-for-profit;

  • not discriminatory in any way (e.g. on social, ethnic, racial, religious, financial, gender-based, talent-based grounds, etc.);

  • direct implementers of ongoing, regular, well-established programmes that use football to address social issues and target children or young people;

  • financially sustainable and have a long-term approach;

  • not affiliated to competitors of FIFA’s Commercial Affiliates.

    **How to become part of Football for Hope

    **Organisations that meet the above criteria and are interested in applying for Football for Hope can, in a first step, submit information about themselves, including their activities, to

    Relevant information includes annual reports, brochures, background material, links to internet websites or any official documents describing the organisation’s objectives and the activities that use football to address social issues.

    The information you submit will be reviewed by the Football for Hope team. If the initial screening is positive, you will be asked to provide further details and a call will be scheduled with you. This will help to make the final assessment as to whether or not your organisation fulfils the Football for Hope criteria.

    We look forward to learning more about your work and your programmes!

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