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Football Federation Australia adopts FIFA TMS’s Intermediary Regulations Tool

FIFA TMS Intermediary Regulations Tool

The Football Federation Australia (FFA) has become the first member association (MA) of the Asian Football Confederation to adopt FIFA TMS’s Intermediary Regulations Tool (IRT).

The tool, which is now live at the FFA, is designed to assist MAs in complying with FIFA’s Regulations on Working with Intermediaries and to facilitate their ability to gather and track the required data during the period of the upcoming January transfer window.

FIFA TMS’s Intermediary Regulations Tool is fully integrated with the International and Domestic Transfer Matching Systems. In practical terms this means that all of the information regarding the transfer of professional players and related intermediary involvement is managed via one system. It allows MAs to create annual reports relating to intermediary involvement which assists them in complying with the requirements set out in the Intermediary Regulations. The system is customisable to meet the needs of MAs and is available in FIFA’s four official languages.

IRT provides a standardised process for all MAs using the tool and facilitates easy exchanges of information around the world. The adoption of the IRT will allow the FFA to enhance the efficiency and transparency of their involvement with intermediaries.

It follows on from the adoption of IRT by the Ghana Football Association and the Portuguese Football Federation, with FIFA TMS expecting more MAs to adopt the IRT in the coming months.

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