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Following the budget approval by FIFA’s 64th Ordinary Congress in São Paulo, world football’s governing body is set to invest USD 900 million in football development during the cycle 2015 – 2018. FIFA.com looks at some of the most remarkable figures behind FIFA’s daily development work and the key priorities for the next cycle.

800,000,000 USD was FIFA’s development budget for the cycle 2011 – 2014. This amount represents 56 times more than the amount invested in 1995-1998, when some of the flagship development initiatives were originally launched. The budget was used as follows: 41% on financial assistance, 30% on development project funding, 18% on education and technical support, 8% on development services and 3% on medical.

6 are the development programmes established during the cycle 2011 - 2014: MA Extranet (information platform for member associations), PERFORMANCE (football management programme), Less Privileged Member Associations (tailor-made assistance programme for specific member associations), Income Generation (programme to foster revenue creation in member associations), Connect (registration and unique ID platform worldwide) and Youth Football (specific educational activities and competitions).

900,000,000 USD is the development budget for the cycle 2015 – 2018. Key priorities for the new term are: doubling of women’s football development funds; support to new and existing national youth competitions; multiply by five the capacity to provide football equipment on priority projects such as youth, women’s football, grassroots, futsal and beach soccer; increase the financial support to member associations for youth tournament qualification rounds; strengthening of football’s information system; and increase the investment on football’s information system.

600,000 USD will be the standard Goal project allocation as of 2015. This represents an increase of 50% since 2010. So far FIFA has supported 668 Goal projects in 202 member associations for an overall investment of 284 million USD.

565,000 USD is the approximate daily amount invested by FIFA in football development in 2014. According to FIFA’s 2013 financial report, a total of USD 183 million went into funding football development and corporate social responsibility projects during the past year, equivalent to more than USD 500,000 per day.

2,000,000,000 USD is the overall amount provided by FIFA to its member associations and confederations since 1999. 50% has been channeled through FIFA’s direct financial assistance. All 209 member associations and six confederations have benefited from FIFA’s financial support which has contributed to increasing football’s unique popularity as well as the uncertainty of results particularly at youth level.

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