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FIFA President Blatter confident after meeting with Netanyahu

FIFA President Blatter meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
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FIFA President Blatter today expressed his confidence in reaching a mutually beneficial agreement between the Israel and the Palestinian Football Associations following a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the President of the Israel Football Association Ofer Eini.

“I have obtained a message which I will present tomorrow to the Palestinian Football Association and Palestinian politicians as part of my mission. I remain confident that we will find a solution for the benefit of football development ahead of the FIFA Congress,” said FIFA President Blatter.

“Football is nowadays such a strong organisation that we should go into a peace situation and not into a fighting situation, and football shall connect and not divide people. I'm very happy about what Prime Minister Netanyahu has said. Yes, football is stronger than all the problems there could be. I'm sure we will find a solution.”

The discussions followed previous individual talks held by FIFA President Blatter with the Israeli and Palestinian Football Associations over the past weeks with the aim of finding a solution to the request made by the PFA for a proposal to suspend the IFA at the upcoming FIFA Congress.

FIFA President Blatter will continue his trip tomorrow with a visit to the Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and the representatives of the Palestinian Football Association.

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