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FIFA-INTERPOL training at UEFA focuses on empowering members of the football community to respond to match-manipulation

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Preparing integrity officers tasked with establishing the facts and investigating reports of match-fixing and match-manipulation in the world of football: this was the focus of the FIFA-INTERPOL fact-finders’ course held at the headquarters of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) in Nyon, Switzerland from 5-8 May 2014.

This comprehensive and innovative training course has been developed in response to the current issues faced by the football community when investigating an allegation of match manipulation and aims to build the national capacity of FIFA’s member associations to conduct effective inquiries and enable a coordinated, comprehensive response to suspicious incidents of potential match -manipulation.

Building on the cooperation developed with UEFA, the course was rolled out as a pilot project to train the network of integrity officers of various national football associations throughout Europe.

The training course is a key component of the ten-year initiative established between FIFA and INTERPOL in May 2011 to develop and implement a training, education and prevention programme with respect to enhance awareness of match-fixing and corruption in football. INTERPOL’S Integrity in Sport unit, in partnership with the FIFA Security Division, has developed a multi-faceted programme to assist football associations, government departments, law enforcement agencies and other relevant stakeholders in developing coordinated strategies to tackle match-fixing, incorporating stakeholders on at national, regional and international levels.

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