FIFA to host concussion conference

Jiri Dvorak, FIFA Chief Medical Officer talks to the media during FIFA Medical press conference
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FIFA are proud to be one of the organisers of, and indeed host, the 4th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport on 1 and 2 November 2 at the Home of FIFA in Zurich.

Along with a team of experts in the field, FIFA’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Jiri Dvorak, is currently reviewing research from leading doctors to see which studies will be presented at the conference.

The topics which have already been decided upon include sideline assessment of concussion, diagnosis and return to play, difficult case management, management of pediatric concussion, long-term problems and knowledge transfer and education.

Following the conference, a group of experts including Prof. Dvorak will form a panel to draft consensus statement on concussion in sport to update the successful publication of previous reports.

*Instructions for submission and registration documents can be downloaded from *

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