Football Law Annual review

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - MARCH 22:  FIFA Senior Legal Development Affairs Manager Maja Kuster Hoffmann during the 3rd FIFA Football Law Annual Review during the FIFA Football Law Annual Review from Home of FIFA on March 22, 2021 in Zurich, Switzerland. (Photo by Harold Cunningham/FIFA)

In recent years, the development of regulations and legal decisions in various fields of FIFA’s activity have become very relevant issues for professionals in national associations, leagues, clubs and players’ unions as well as for coaches. At times, this has filtered down into footballing society in general.

With this undeniable reality in mind, FIFA has set itself the objective of ensuring that football’s legal stakeholders can get to know the most relevant aspects of the field first hand.

Therefore, FIFA decided to open its doors on an annual basis, the regulatory work, case law and the main decisions of its decision-making bodies and the independent bodies, as well as the main CAS procedures that derived from FIFA’s decisions.

The following materials of the Football Law Annual review are accessible:

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Football Law Annual Review 2019

Football Law Annual Review 3rd Edition