Urine process

Urine sample collection

1. The doping control officer (DCO) will explain the process and check that the player is ready to provide a sample. Sometimes it can take a while to “go”, so the player should relax, take their time and rehydrate.

2. When the player is ready, they and the DCO should check that the sample collection equipment is sealed and intact. At this point, they should pick out a urine beaker from a random selection of three.

3. In the bathroom, the DCO will show the player exactly how to open and close the beaker so as to avoid any contamination.

4. Before the sample collection, the player will be asked to wash their hands with water. Alternatively, they can choose to wear gloves.

5. The DCO needs to clearly see the player provide the urine sample. This means that they will need to remove or adjust any clothing obscuring the DCO’s view, so that the player’s underpants are below their knees and their shirt is above the chest.

6. The player needs to provide a minimum of 90ml for the urine sample.

7. Once they have filled the beaker, the player should pick out a sample collection kit and pour their sample evenly into the bottles labelled A and B, sealing them when finished. The DCO will explain this in more detail.

8. Finally, the DCO will check and sign the player’s doping control form, giving them a copy for their records.

What happens next?

After the doping control, the player’s sample will be sent to a WADA-accredited laboratory for analysis.