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FIFA’s myriad of football competitions, spearheaded by the FIFA World Cup™, can be followed by hundreds of millions of people all over the world thanks to the medium of television and other media platforms. To this end, FIFA’s TV Division manages and maintains a close relationship with its many media rights licensees with the principal objective of delivering the best-possible football viewing experience to screens.

FIFA embarked on a new era in its TV strategy in 2007 when it successfully brought the entire broadcast operation in-house, ranging from the actual sale of rights and development of a comprehensive footage archive (FIFA Films) to client servicing and overall decisions on production and event operations.

FIFA’s TV Division is structured to meet the demands of 21st century broadcasting, technology and media environments. With rapidly increasing media convergence and the subsequent proliferation of content, it is increasingly important for rights holders, advertisers, sponsors and other commercial entities to stand out from the crowd. FIFA, through the FIFA World Cup™ and its portfolio of other events, delivers standard-setting quality content to broadcasters around the globe.

Broadcast rights to all FIFA events, including the FIFA World Cup™ and the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, are handled through FIFA TV in Zurich, Switzerland.

FIFA’s TV Division comprises four departments:

1. Sales & Distribution (TV, radio, broadband and mobile audiovisual rights)
2. FIFA Films & Products
3. Broadcaster Servicing
4. Host Broadcasting Production

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