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FIFA Films is the department responsible for audiovisual content at FIFA.
FIFA Films manages, maintains and commercialises FIFA’s unique audiovisual archive. Based in Zurich and Zug, Switzerland, FIFA Films holds over 30,000 hours of reels, video tapes and digital files. Some of the footage dates back to 1930, the year of the first FIFA World Cup™ in Uruguay. The collection also contains moving images from all FIFA competitions to date, such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup™, the FIFA Club World Cup, the various FIFA World Cups at youth level for both men and women, the Futsal and the Beach Soccer World Cups as well as the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

Moreover, FIFA Films looks to protect and future-proof its archive by re-mastering its inventory, where appropriate. One example of that is the Official Films collection, which is now available in high-definition. The footage is now stored in a central digital system, ensuring quick and easy access for each client’s requests. FIFA Films provides the service exclusively for business requests.

FIFA Films is responsible for the production of the Preliminary and Final Draws as well as for Infotainment, the giant screen entertainment system within stadiums at FIFA events. The department also plays an important role in administering the audiovisual content for the FIFA Congress and The Best FIFA Football Awards. In addition, FIFA Films organises TV support for the various FIFA departmental projects around the world.

FIFA Films produces and distributes high-quality audiovisual programming for multi-media platform distribution including FIFA Football, a weekly magazine-style TV series, the Monthly series, which explores the host country in the build-up to the next FIFA World Cup™ and the Preview Series, which examines the participating teams in the weeks leading up to the FIFA World Cup™.
Furthermore, FIFA Films also produces and distributes first-class documentaries, such as Futebol Arte, which tells the story of the 1982 Brazil team, Match 64 which takes you through the story of the final day of the FIFA World Cup™ in both 2010 and 2014, and Heroes, which charts the history of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ through the eyes of the players who made the event what it is today.

FIFA Films also administers the FIFA YouTube channel, where the very best of the FIFA Films archive and stories from around the world can be sampled.

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