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FIFA TV - Broadcaster Servicing

The FIFA Broadcaster Servicing Department ensures that media rights licensees receive the highest possible standard of service. The primary goal of this dedicated and highly qualified team of specialists is to ensure that all rights and obligations set out in each media rights agreement are delivered and adhered to. Above all, FIFA endeavours to be in close personal contact with the media rights licensees to ensure the best possible communication flow both on-site during the various FIFA events and also throughout the rest of the year. 

The FIFA Broadcaster Servicing team uses various tools to ensure the correct and comprehensive implementation of the media rights agreements on a commercial, programming and operational level. Event-specific media rights manuals and other guidelines offer detailed specifications on various contractual topics, while a web-based information platform and periodical FIFA circulars provide all the information required to facilitate the implementation of the media rights agreements, as well as smooth on-site and off-site production for the media rights licensees. 

Before each event, an on-screen design package (OSDP) is distributed to all media rights licensees. Each event-related OSDP consists of a broad range of high-quality materials (sequences and animations) designed to present, promote and advertise the relevant FIFA event. The OSDP creates a direct identification of the event with each live or delayed full-match transmission and other event-related programmes in order to support homogeneity of the FIFA on-screen brand worldwide. 

FIFA Broadcaster Servicing is also responsible for the release of the television coverage report issued after the conclusion of each FIFA event. Each television coverage report summarises and analyses the worldwide audience reach, based on the number of unique individuals who have watched the event on television at home. Copies of the latest reports, as well as other relevant broadcaster servicing documents, are available for download in the “Related Items” section on this page.

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