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Sponsorship – The Appeal
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The universal popularity and appeal of football makes it a common denominator for everyone, irrespective of gender, age, race and social standing. As a result, the FIFA World Cup™ represents one of the most effective global marketing platforms, offering sponsors unrivalled opportunities to connect with consumers.

Football is the world’s favourite sport, played by more than 240 million players in 1.4 million teams and 300,000 clubs across the world. The FIFA World Cup™ reaches an audience of a size and diversity that is unrivalled by any other single-sport body. Add to this a passion for the game found in all corners of the world, and you have a sporting, social and marketing phenomenon.

A universal interest in the FIFA World Cup™ that transcends all age, gender and social barriers has been proved time and time again by research figures from FIFA’s 15-market global research programme. The diagram highlights the fact that interest in world football’s flagship competition goes above and beyond traditional football, and even traditional sporting, interest. This is a clear indication of the huge global reach that a sponsorship deal with FIFA ensures for a brand.

In addition to the huge appeal of the event itself, the packages offered by FIFA make a sponsorship deal with world football’s governing body a hugely attractive proposition. Each Commercial Affiliate is granted product category exclusivity, offering a unique platform vis-à-vis their competitors.

A dedicated account management team works exclusively with each sponsor, adding value to the agreement and ensuring that all sponsorship rights are delivered. When aligned with the outstanding portfolio of programmes that FIFA opens to its Partners, as well as brand-enhancing sponsorship tools such as LED advertising boards, it is clear to see why many of the world’s top brands are already associated with FIFA events.

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