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Zabivaka the Wolf, Official Mascot of the 2018 FIFA World Cup
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Long before a FIFA World Cup™ kicks off, our dedicated retail programmes and offerings of official licensed products are synchronised to accelerate event awareness in the host country and around the rest of the world. This provides the perfect platform for retailers and licensees to help spread the excitement and to give consumers an authentic fan experience.

Our licensed consumer retail outlets serve as the perfect event show piece for the promotion and sale of official licensed products. These retailers are the first points of contact for fans to see, feel and buy a “piece of the action”.

We also have merchandising sales at the stadiums as well as dedicated event stores and e-commerce operations.

With the exception of the host country, FIFA has decided to focus on managing its licensing programme in-house whenever possible. One of the main objectives in this respect is to create an attractive and sustainable licensing programme that is guided by a long-term vision.

We value professionalism and expertise, product quality and ethical business practices. If your organisation has a proven track record in this respect and is interested in applying for a licence for sales, production and/or distribution of licensed products for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, please use the ‘Apply for a license’ form in the side bar.

For any general queries, please write to us at fifaretail@fifa.org.

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