FIFA Sound


FIFA Sound is a new entertainment strategy designed to create innovative and meaningful connections between football fans, music enthusiasts, players, artists, and the game and songs they all love. It will provide unique entertainment experiences by uniting two of the biggest passions globally: music and football.

FIFA PlayOn Podcast series

In 2021, FIFA Sound kicks off with the launch of a new, eight-episode podcast series. The FIFA PlayOn Podcast is hosted by global chart-topping artist Liam Payne, and pairs star football players and award-winning musicians together for unforgettable conversations. Each episode features celebrated football players from around the world as they discuss transformative moments throughout their careers – on- and off-the-pitch – through the songs that have provided a soundtrack to their lives. Each player will be joined by an award-winning musician that inspired them, as they explore the interplay between music and football in their lives.

PlayOn debuted on 13 January 2021 and new episodes are released weekly on Wednesdays. Playlists featuring the songs chosen by each player will be posted on Spotify for listeners to enjoy.

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