FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

23 May - 15 June

Ticket Delivery

From mid-May 2019, Customers with successful Ticket Applications will be able to download their Tickets made available within their FIFA Ticketing Account, and print them at home before the Match day.

Tickets will only be considered valid if they are downloaded and printed at home prior to the Match, in exactly such manner as described here and in the Customer Ticketing Account. 

There will be NO Ticket printing facilities at the Stadium. 

You will NOT receive your Tickets via a dedicated email. 

You will NOT be able to enter the Stadium by presenting a downloaded version of your Ticket on your mobile or any other device. No (email or other) confirmations, PDF files, screenshots of the Ticketing Account, and/or other documents be deemed a valid substitute for a print-at-home Ticket and will therefore not allow access to the Stadium.

ATTENTION: Access to the stadium will only be granted upon presentation of a valid print-at-home Ticket, printed with sufficiently good quality so that all the text is legible and the barcode can be scanned.

Please ensure the following when printing your Tickets:

a. Good quality printing;

b. Each Ticket is printed on white paper, size A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm);

c. The barcode, and all the other elements on the Ticket, should be completely visible and readable;

d. Each Ticket (A4 format) is folded three times resulting in four equal parts – please follow carefully the instructions presented on the Ticket;

e. Tickets must be printed prior to the Match; there will be no Ticket printing facilities at the Stadium.

You, as the Ticket Applicant, are responsible to ensure that you and your Guests bring the correct admission Ticket on Match day, to treat each Ticket with care and to keep it in a safe location at all times. Altering or damaging Tickets may result in entry to a Stadium being refused. Please also note that the Authorities will not replace any Tickets, irrespective of the reason for the replacement request, such as lost or stolen Tickets.

Please click on “Print Tickets” to access your FIFA Ticketing Account in order to print your Tickets.

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