FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

FIFA U-20 World Cup Poland 2019

23 May - 15 June

Special Access Tickets

In each Stadium and for all Matches FIFA will offer Special Access Tickets (“SATs”), subject to availability.

SATs are a dedicated allocation of Tickets available for application by disabled people and people with limited mobility, and are offered in the following types:

“Wheelchair User”;

“Easy Access Standard”, for disabled people, people with limited mobility and people with other medical conditions; and

“Easy Access Amenity”, for people with guide dogs or people with a medical condition with assistance dogs and people that need additional leg space due to limited mobility.

Special Access Tickets are available at Category 2 price.

Please note that customers who apply for Special Access Tickets are required to provide proof of eligibility documents that are commonly and widely accepted in the Ticket Applicant’s country of residence as part of the Ticket Application process. If not already provided and approved online, such proof of eligibility documents must be provided at the entrance to the Stadium. Please note that permits for accessible parking will not be accepted as valid proof.

Please be courteous to the other fans, and only apply for these Tickets if you truly require them. They are limited in number due to Stadia configuration.

Successful Ticket Applicants for Special Access Tickets will be offered the opportunity to receive on a complimentary basis one additional Ticket for a companion to assist and accompany them to the Match. The companion will be seated as close as possible to the Special Access Ticket customer, however, the exact location of the seat cannot be guaranteed. FIFA cannot ensure that the seat for the companion will be adjacent to that of the Special Access Ticket customer. Please note that it is not possible to request more than one complimentary Ticket per Special Access Ticket.

To service customers requiring Special Access Tickets, FIFA has made available a dedicated Ticketing Portal where customers can apply for Special Access Tickets and respective companion Ticket, or combine the application with additional Category 1 and 2 Tickets (subject to availability) which will be located in the Stadium as close as possible to the Special Access Tickets included in the same Ticket Application. Due to Stadia configuration, FIFA cannot guarantee availability of these category 1 or 2 Tickets in the proximity of the Special Access Tickets. The location of the available seats for disabled customers varies from Stadium to Stadium. Tickets for seats requested within one Ticket Application, including Special Access Tickets, will, wherever possible, be allocated adjacent to one another. In any case, FIFA cannot provide adjacent seats to persons submitting separate Ticket Application Forms.

For more information, please visit the “Special Access Tickets” section of the FAQs.