FIFA World Youth Championship Nigeria 1999

FIFA World Youth Championship Nigeria 1999

3 April - 24 April

FIFA World Youth Championship 1999

FIFA's Technical Study Group to evaluate Nigeria '99

For the World Youth Championship Nigeria '99, as at every of its competitions, FIFA will rely on a Technical Study Group (TSG) to provide statistics and studies into various aspects of the game (athletic condition of the players, tactical systems used by coaches, overall technical level).

The TSG is mainly responsible for the production and publication of an official report of the event as well as of various videos to use at development courses. FIFA recognises only material provided by its TSG as official competition statistics.

The TSG for Nigeria '99 comprises the following former or current coaches:

  • Jean-Paul BRIGGER (Switzerland)- Charles K. GYAMFI (Ghana)- Dick HOWARD (Canada)- Ka-Ming KWOK (Hong Kong)- Philippe REDON (France)- Jim SELBY (Australia)- Oscar WASHINGTON TABAREZ (Uruguay).