FIFA World Youth Championship Nigeria 1999

FIFA World Youth Championship Nigeria 1999

3 April - 24 April

FIFA World Youth Championship 1999

Croatia leading in the Fair Play competition

At every FIFA competition, the FIFA Fair Play Award goes to the team with the best record of fair play according to a points system and criteria established by the FIFA Fair Play Committee. In Malaysia in 1997, at the last FIFA World Youth Championship, this honour went to the reigning champions Argentina.

After the first stage of the 1999 WYC in Nigeria, Croatia (average of 923 points per match) is leading this competition closely followed by Ghana (914 points).


  • Red and yellow cards
  • Positive play:The aim of this criterion is to reward attacking play, which appeals tospectators.
  • Respect towards the opponent:Players are expected to respect the Laws of the Game, the competitionregulations and opponents etc.
  • Respect towards the referee:Players are expected to respect the match officials and the decisionsthey take.
  • Behaviour of the team officials:Coaches and other team officials are expected to encourage the sporting,technical, tactical and ethical standards of their team and to directthe players to behave in accordance with the principles of fair play.