Gerd Zeise, Myanmar coach
Obviously we only had the power for one match. The European teams play in another league and we cannot follow. We are too blind and we do not have the experience, that's absolutely clear. It was a disaster and this tournament has come too early for us. We cannot follow these teams, no chance. My team was too poor. It was just like the USA game, in the first 15-20 minutes of the second-half we gave the game away. We must be realists, the party is over. I must apologise to the Myanmar fans, I am responsible for this disaster, but I can't turn a cyclist into a racing driver.

Oleksandr Petrakov, Ukraine coach
I'm very pleased with the game and the result. I had planned to bring [Valerii] Luchkevych at half-time ahead of the game, as we were lacking speed. We had agreed that he would start the second half and he really improved our game. Like in the New Zealand game, we struggled to score our chances in the first half, but this clearly changed after the break. That's why we play football, to make people happy.