Darren Bazeley, New Zealand coach
It took us 45 minutes to get into the game but we sharpened up in the second half. I saw a lot of positives today; we played with a lot of heart and courage. But we need a little bit more. You could see there were a lot of nerves out there but we will assess our performance and look ahead [to playing USA]. I think we'll need four points to qualify, so we'll need to get up to that mark in our next two games. Bill [Tuiloma, captain, who came off with an injury] had cramp in his groin but he should be fine soon. We need to make sure he’s fit.

Oleksandr Petrakov, Ukraine coach
It was a very good experience, playing the host county, and I think the game was 50-50. New Zealand were good but Ukraine also did well. I think the New Zealand team has progressed well and improved. As for Ukraine, we created many chances but we need to improve and convert the opportunities we are creating. Improving is our big challenge now. It is challenging to raise our level in just one day [of training] but that is what we must try to do.